About “I Choose Us” Program

(Secular Version)

“I Choose Us” (ICU) is an evidence-informed marriage programme which has empowered thousands of married and engaged couples to deepen their Love Connection, affair-proof their marriage, enhance their communication and conflict management skills, and gain awareness on their unhealthy thinking and behavior.

ICU is a unique programme based on Schema Therapy principle and incorporates Movie Therapy®. The proogramme equips couples to understand why they might be stuck and helps them overcome obstacles in intimacy and long-term happiness. Key teaching points for ICU workshops are backed by credible research and interspersed with impactful movie scenes for a unique learning experience.

The ICU curriculum is featured in the Strengthening Families Curriculum Resource Guide website of the Administration for Children and Families under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“I Choose Us” is also presented in a Christian version.