Direct and to the point, would be helpful to have the forgiveness scale as a tool. The book is very useful to explain the teaching points.
~Dr. Mark Timlin, Medical Doctor, Australia

All I can say is, How True! Fundamentals that explain and help decipher our complicated problems. They are not really all that complex.
~John Dohlman, Administrator, USA

I feel the analogy used within the course is really helpful in identifying where I am at in my marriage. The clear specifics on the core needs to be met in order to maintain a healthy marriage are a great toolbox for practical steps my spouse and I can take to actively build our marriage and make it flourish.
~ Fanney Frisback, Engineer/Project Manager, Iceland

One week session together with GEP, open my eyes how I hurt my wife by my life traps and coping styles. Repentance released a lot of good energy.
~Marko Laakkonen, Communication Officer, Finland

This is very useful tool for couples to have constant love relationship with each other. Love can heal a lot.
~Tanja Laakkonen, Editor, Finland

“How to understand the way your relationship works and how to dramatically improve it”.
~Wybrand Oosterbaan, CFO, Finland

Very helpful to be aware of destructive conflicts and, even better, to get healing through limited reparenting.
~Dr. Saskia Oosterbaan, Medical Doctor, Netherlands

The material is fantastic and will help you understand yourself, your mate and your dynamics much better.
~Gordon Ferguson, Leadership Consultant, USA

It was insightful and useful for any married couple. It was full of wisdom, humour and practicals. The inventories provided personal insight into yourself and others.
~Theresa Ferguson, Women’s Counselor and Teacher, USA

What a great tool to have a deeper understanding of my spouses’ feelings and needs.
~Claudine Sweeney, Entrepreneur, USA

This truly revealed the root of most conflicts both in and out of marriage. Getting to the deeper waters seems not only more clean and possible but also very healthy and healing.
~David Bruce, LMFT, USA

It helps you to be more vulnerable and therefore get closer to your spouse. You also learn what triggers each other and how you can deal with that.
~ Marit Mulelid, Teacher, Norway